Global Change Seminar
"It's Your Move!"

Introduction to Seminar Segment #4

The Role of Humanity: Values

          Much of today's global malaise can be attributed to the fact that so many people live and/or work under conditions that violate their underlying values. This internal conflict produces mass cynicism and can sicken both individuals and societies. How many people work - and through their work promote the goals of - corporations that reflect values they do not share? How many parents try to protect their children from the values of the culture they live in? As we stated in the Seminar introduction, psychologist Abraham Maslow said that "the ultimate disease of our time is valuelessness . . .   This state is more crucially dangerous then ever before in history."  This Segment of the Seminar is intended to help you think more about values, clarify your own values to some degree, and look at solving problems by applying consideration of value to them. Only when we do that, can we fulfill Maslow's belief that   "something can be done about this [valuelessness] by man's own rational efforts."

          This Segment of the Seminar has 2 articles before the Meeting Preparation material:


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