Global Change Seminar "It's Your Move!"

Meeting Preparation
Segment #8 - My Next Steps!

          It's time for the last set of Meeting Preparation exercises. Once these are completed, your work in the Seminar will have yielded its fruit to help you produce or do something that can or will have a positive effect the future of humanity. You may wish to print this page, put it in the Binder, and check off each activity after it's completed.

  1. Seminar Review. Re-read what you wrote in the Group Meeting for Segment #6 in response to Otto Scharmer's questions. Modify the responses if you are so inclined. Review the Journal work and meeting notes from Segments #6 and #7. Think about the insights you've acquired as you've gone through the Seminar to this point. Perhaps catalog them in the Journal if they're not already documented.
  2. Segment Exercises. There are several exercises to complete here. We strongly recommend that you not skip any of them!
    • i) Write a letter to the children of the world. Tell them that you care about their future, and how you want to secure it for them. Make it a minimum of 500 words (1 page, single spaced.) Take plenty of time, tending to it and polishing it over several days. Print out a copy and store it in the front of the Binder. You will have an opportunity to share the Letter with the Seminar Group at its final meeting if you so choose.
    • ii) Pick a guiding quote. Read through the Notable Quotes from the Seminar. Pick a quote that particularly inspires you from this - or any other - source. Write the quote in the Journal, and post it in several places around your living and work space.
    • iii) Finalize the mission statement. Review your draft mission statement, and revise it as appropriate. On a fresh sheet of paper, do a Mind Map to come up with the actions you will need to take, things you will need to consider, and all the consequences you can think of in reaching your mission. Think about the timing of these actions and their implications. Take a yellow highlighter and circle those that you have reservations or fears about doing.
    • iv) Plan to get support. Think through how you will obtain the moral support you may need to reorient yourself towards achievement of your mission. If you are planning a small change, or intend to start with some small changes, you may not need much. But if you are contemplating making some big changes any time soon you will need to secure the support, and even assistance, of your loved ones and friends.
    • v) Personal habits. Review the results from doing the Personal Effectiveness exercise found in the Introduction to this Segment. Make notes in the Journal write about how you see yourself in this diagram. Write down one or two habits you want to change or acquire that would help you spend more time in the "Change Agent" quadrant.
    • vi) Keeping on track. Identify to whom you will keep "reporting back" on progress to keep yourself on track. You might want to make commitments with your Seminar Group to continue supporting and nudging each other as you each make your moves. A way that has worked well for us, as an example, is the Integral Transformative Practice. However you do it, you will need to put in place some mechanism that will help establish habits for doing what it is that you want to do. It's our experience that it takes at least 6 weeks to internalize a new habit, or change an old one. Make notes in the Journal about how you plan to do this.
    • vii) Next steps. Depending on how you go at things, make some kind of plan or to do list for your immediate next steps towards Making Your Move. Write these down in the Journal and post a copy of them somewhere visible to keep your intentions at the forefront of your life. (The bathroom mirror is a good spot!)
  3. Journal Work. In addition to the notes and reflection suggested with each of the above Segment exercises, consider the following:
    • What insights occurred from doing the "Characteristics of Effective People" exercise during the last Group Meeting? Is there anything you'd like to modify about your own knowledge, skills, attitude or
      values in order to address your desired area of focus? How might you do that?
  4. Meeting Presentation. Prepare a presentation that you will make to the Seminar Group at its final meeting. The presentation covers and explains what, and how, you will make "Your Move!"   Polish the presentation and you might want to practice it to make sure you'll be comfortable with it at the meeting. Some things to consider including in the presentation might be:
    • Here's what I wrote in my letter to the Children of the World........
    • I've worked some more on my mission statement and it now reads like this.......
    • The thing that most excites me about doing this is....
    • The things that scare me most about doing this is/are......
    • I plan to begin making My Move! by......
    • The way I'd like to get support for myself as I make My Move! is......
    • The way I intend to keep myself on track and focused on making My Move! is......
    • What I'm going to do as my immediate Next Steps are......
    • The Guiding Quote that I selected for myself is.....

  5. Review the Agenda for the final Seminar Group Meeting and print it out.

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