Global Change Seminar "It's Your Move!"

Meeting Preparation
Segment #6 - What Will You Focus On?

          Here are the suggested Meeting Preparation activities for Segment #6. You may want to print out this page, put it in the 3-ring binder for Seminar materials, and check off the activities after you've completed them. Remember that what you do in these last three Segments may change your life!  

  1. Seminar Review. Go back and review what you've written so far in the Journal, notes compiled and/or distributed from the various Group Meetings, material you accumulated from any research done, etc.   Re-read articles that were of particular interest to you as you progressed through the previous 5 Segments of the Seminar.
  2. Segment Exercise (i):   Contemplate your own storehouse of information, scan some magazines, ask friends, browse the Internet, or use any other means and come up with two inspiring examples of people (historical, alive, or fiction) who decided to take control of and change their lives so as to move in more positive directions with the result that they had a profound influence on many people.
  3. Segment Exercise (ii):   Decide where you think you would like to focus your attention so that you, personally, could have the most positive impact for humanity. Don't neglect to include considerations of such things as a career change, a move to a different place, learning a new skill, exercising a dormant skill, etc.,
    • Develop a draft mission statement that defines the nature and type of positive impact you would like to have, and on whom.
    • Take a few quiet moments and imagine someone reading this mission statement describing what you accomplished to your dear ones at your funeral.
    • Think about the implications of putting your money where your mouth is. Are you up for making big changes in your life? Or are you more comfortable with small adjustments?
    • Think about the changes that you're contemplating. Are they exciting, or scary - or both? Ask yourself seriously if you want to begin to make these changes now, take them on gradually, or postpone them until later.
  4. Segment Exercise (iii):  On a fresh sheet of paper take at least 10 minutes (use a timer!) to make a Mind Map, jotting down words or phrases that reflect the actions you might or could take, the implications of all of this, the unanswered questions, etc. Don't neglect to include considerations of such things as a career change, a move to a different place, further research to do, new skill or expertise to be acquired, exercising a dormant skill, etc.,
  5. Journal Work (i). Make notes in the Journal from:
    • The two inspiring individuals that you picked in Step 2 above, and what it is that particularly attracts you to what they did.
    • The mission statement you drafted in Step 3 above.
    • What showed up on the Mind Map you did in Step 4 above.
  6. Journal Work (ii). In the Journal, complete the following unfinished statements:
    • I really care about the issue that I selected, and if I choose to focus on it I will have to change the following things about myself and/or my life........
    • Changing my life in these ways would mean that.....
    • If I don't change my life to act on this issue, I will feel........
    • What I am most afraid about if I do act on this issue is.......
  7. Review the Agenda for the next Seminar Group Meeting and print it out.


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