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Meeting Preparation
Segment #3 - Consciousness

          Here are the suggested Meeting Preparation activities for Segment #3. You may want to print out this page, put it in the 3-ring binder for Seminar materials, and check off the activities after you've completed them.

  1. Reading Assignments. There are four reading assignments for this homework in addition to the Seminar articles you previously read. You can download these material from the Internet following the links that are given below.
    • An article written by Clare Graves and published in the April 1974 edition of The Futurist entitled "Human Nature Prepares for a Momentous Leap". You can find out more about the author on the Clare Graves website.
    • An article entitled "The Business of Saving the World" which suggests that corporations are in a powerful position (and in some cases are beginning to choose) to deal positively with global problems. It's easy to demonize those we disagree with, to blame others or other institutions for problems. Often, multinational corporations are blamed for the problems of the world. Nonetheless, they are a fact of modern life and a huge cultural force.
    • An online interview about Spiral Dynamics with Dr. Don Beck.
    • Browse the website of the Ernest Becker Foundation to gain more familiarity with Becker's ground-breaking work and follow-up research.
  2. Online Videos. Otto Scharmer, a colleague of Peter Senge in the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), made the keynote address at the Society for Organizational Learning's Global Forum held in Vienna (Austria) in September, 2005. His presentation was recorded as a video that has been clipped into three parts. For this homework, we suggest that you watch the first two of these three segments. [The third segment is incorporated into the Agenda for the Group Meeting in Segment #6. No peeking!]

    Consider making notes in the Journal as you watch these two video clips.

    You can access the videos directly on the links to the 2 clips which are given below, or through Otto Scharmer's website and clicking on the "TOOLS" button:

    Clip #2 (high speed Internet connection):
    Clip #2 (dial up Internet connection):

  3. Segment Exercise (i):  vMeme Color Observation Day. Pick a day during the coming week and as it progresses, try to pick out the vMeme colors from Spiral Dynamics that are being expressed in the various situations in which you find yourself -- being expressed by you and by the people with whom you interact. Afterwards, think about this exercise. Could you do it easily? Was it useful? Did you learn anything? Did you notice your own changing vMeme color expressions? Could you correlate any bodily feelings or emotions with those expressions (annoyance, delight, compassion, etc)? Did you find yourself inadvertently labeling individual people with a color, rather than their behaviors? Make notes in the Journal about how you saw the day and reminding you of how you spotted the vMeme colors.
  4. Journal Work (i). Decide which aspect of what you've read and watched in Segment #3 is most interesting or intriguing to you. In the Journal write down 3 questions that articulate what in particular it is about this aspect/issue that you want most to know more about. There is an opportunity to share these insights at the next Group Meeting.
  5. Journal Work (ii). In the Seminar Journal, respond to the following statements:
    • From what I've so far read about Spiral Dynamics, the color vMeme that mostly fits or best describes my current lifestyle is.....
    • From what I've so far read about Spiral Dynamics, the color vMeme that seems to best describe the organization I work with or am most closely associated with is....
    • From what I've so far read about Spiral Dynamics, the color vMeme that seems to fit the predominant culture in the area where I live is....
  6. Review the Agenda for the next Seminar Group Meeting and print it out.


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