Global Change Seminar "It's Your Move!"

Meeting Preparation
Segment #1 - Introduction and getting started

         As you will soon discover, the meat of this Seminar is in the preparation for the group meetings and in the group work itself. As facilitators, our job is to guide you through these activities and help you stay on track. We suggest a number of homework activities for each Segment - we encourage you to tackle all of them. We'd appreciate your feedback after each Segment as to which activities were particularly effective, those you didn't find helpful, and also your suggestions for alternative or additional activities.

         Here are suggested Meeting Preparation activities for Segment #1. You may want to print out this page, put it in a 3-ring binder for Seminar materials, and check off each of the activities after you've completed them. For those that are repetitive activities, it would be useful to figure out how you'll remind yourself to do them so you don't forget.

  1. Print out the Seminar Outline and put it in your Binder. On the Outline, cross off the activities you've completed, and note the date when you did them.
  2. Obtain a commitment with your Seminar Group for a time and place to hold the first meeting. Make sure someone is designated to handle logistics, bring a flip chart, and facilitate the first meeting, etc.
  3. Journal Work (i)   If you haven't read the Seminar Journal article, do so now.
  4. Journal Work (ii) Begin the habit of making an entry in your Journal every time you do a Seminar activity. Include information that will:
    • help you review your own progress,
    • provide us with feedback so we can improve the Seminar,
    • remind you later of your discussions with your Seminar Group, and
    • record your feelings, insights, ideas, and the "to dos" that occur to you as you progress through the various Seminar articles, exercises, and group activities.
  5. Journal Work (iii)    For each Seminar Segment we suggest some Journal work related to the content of that Segment. We do this by offering a set of unfinished statements as a way to start writing Journal entries. These are designed to help clarify your internal thought process. Sharing (as appropriate) some of what was written in the Journal with the Group is part of the Agenda for the upcoming meeting. Such sharing helps contribute to additional insights, and tends to increase the mutual support within the group.

    Here are the Segment #1 suggested Journal statements for completion:
    • "The things that most concern me about the way the world is going today are......"
    • " The things that I find most hopeful about the way the world is going today are...."
  6. Journal Work (iv)    At the back of the Journal, divide the last page into two columns. Head one column with the title "Good News" and the other "Bad News."   We suggest a regular practice of mentally scanning news stories (or other new information you find) and selecting an item that shows things moving in a positive direction. If, a hopeful story is found, then also pick one story (or piece of information) that indicates a deepening global problem. One of each. Record a brief note about each of these 2 stories (or bits of information) in the Good News/Bad News section at the back of the Journal. This habit encourages scanning for positive and hopeful information in the sea of negativity that often overwhelms the news media - which tends to focus on material of an alarming nature.
  7. Review the Agenda for the first Seminar Group Meeting in preparation for it. Print out a copy of the Agenda and a copy of each tool or exercise that is referenced in it (links to them are given in the Agenda.)

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