Global Change Seminar "It's Your Move!"

Group Meeting Agenda
Segment #8 - Our Next Steps!

          Here is the suggested agenda for the final meeting of the Seminar Group:

  1. Group Maintenance : Confirm that the assignments from the last meeting have been completed.
    • Meeting notes prepared and distributed.
    • Online Feedback Forms for Segment #7 submitted.
    • "To do's" from the last meeting as appropriate (if any.)
    • Facilitator and Recorder etc., for this meeting.
  1. Individual Check Ins: For this Segment, the following Check In items are suggested:
    • The most interesting thing I've done, or that has happened in my life since we last met is....
    • What I'd most like to get out of our final meeting is ....
  2. "It's My Move!" Each person in turn makes their presentation on what s/he has decided to do as "My Move!" A possible outline for how each person's sharing might go is given below. It will be helpful to record some of the highlights of each presentation on the flip chart.
  3. Segment Development (i): After each person has made their presentation on "My Move!" the Group is encouraged to engage in a constructive dialogue to offer ideas and suggest assistance to each other based on the individual presentations that were made. The following suggested unfinished statements may be helpful:
    • What struck me most about what I heard was......
    • I have some suggestions for (name) that might be helpful. Perhaps he/she......
    • What I'd like to do to help us (or a name) keep on track is.....
    • What I find most exciting about all this is...
    • One thing I found quite surprising about the presentations that we heard was....

  4. Segment Development (ii): Go around the group and have each person respond with:

             “After listening to what's been said today, I think we need to spend a bit more time doing the following things......”

    Choose one or more areas on which there’s some general agreement and then spend as much time going at them as is needed. Again, this is where the group identifies its members' needs, and figures out how to address them. [We ask that Groups not skip this part of the agenda!]  During the discussion(s), see that everyone has a chance to provide input and be heard. Record points to remember on the flip chart as appropriate.
  5. Other Business: At this point, if the group has any additional matters that it feels should to be addressed then address them now. In particular, des the Group want to continue on some basis as a way of supporting each other as each person make "My Move"?
  6. Logistics and Housekeeping :
  7. Closing (Check Out): Close the final meeting with a round robin response from each person to the following two statements:


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