Global Change Seminar "It's Your Move!"

Group Meeting Agenda
Segment #7 - What Are our Spheres of Influence?


          Here is the suggested agenda for this Segment:

  1. Group Maintenance : Confirm that the assignments from the last meeting have been completed.
    • Meeting notes prepared and distributed.
    • Online Feedback Forms for Segment #6 submitted.
    • "To do's" from the last meeting as appropriate (if any)
    • Facilitator and Recorder etc., for this meeting
  1. Individual Check Ins: For this Segment, the following Check In items are suggested::
    • The most significant thing that has occurred for me since we last met was....
    • I found the homework for this Segment to be....
    • The two most intriguing things I've become aware of since we began this Seminar together are....
  2. Journal Reflection: In Round Robin fashion, each person shares as s/he wishes from the Journal work from the Segment homework. Suggested unfinished statements to facilitate this are given below.
    • The thing that most struck me in doing the Exercises for this Segment was....
    • The people who have been most influential in my life are.... and the way(s) they inspired me were.....
    • The areas where I feel that I am, or could be, more influential in inspiring other is....
    • Where I'd really like some help, feedback on, or suggestions from the Group is....
    • The way that I'm most drawn to try to influence the world, globally, is.....
  3. Segment Development (1): As a group do the "Characteristics of Effective People" exercise. After completing the exercise spend a few minutes in discussion - suggested questions are given at the end of the exercise.
  4. Segment Development (ii): Go around the group and have each person respond with:

     “After listening to what's been said so far, I'd like us to spend a bit more time today doing the following things......”

    Choose one or more areas on which there’s some general agreement and then spend as much time going at them as is needed. Again, this is where the group identifies its members' needs, and figures out how to address them. [We ask that Groups not skip this part of the agenda!] During the discussion(s), see that everyone has a chance to provide input and be heard. Record points to remember on the flip chart as appropriate.
  5. Other Business: At this point, if the group has any additional matters that it feels should to be addressed then address them now.
  6. Logistics and Housekeeping :
  7. Closing (Check Out): Close with a round robin response from each person to something like the following two statements:


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