Global Change Seminar "It's Your Move!"

Group Meeting Agenda
Segment #5 - The Impact of Metaphor

          Here is the suggested Agenda for the fifth meeting of the Seminar Discussion Group.

  1. Meeting Readiness : Confirm that the assignments from the last meeting have been completed and the preparations for this one have been done.
  2. General Check In: For this Segment, the following are Check In statements:
    • What most struck me about the articles and meeting preparation for this Segment was......
    • What I had most difficulty with regarding the articles and homework for this Segment was.......
    • A significant happening that has occurred in my life since we last met was....
  3. Journal Reflection: In Round Robin fashion, give each person the opportunity to share from this Segment's Meeting Preparation and Journal work. Suggested unfinished statements to facilitate this are given below. The recorder might note the responses on newsprint, so that the overall group response to the statements can be viewed.
    • What I learned most from doing the Woman Image exercise was....
    • What I found particularly helpful in doing the metaphor observance exercises was....
    • An interesting piece of Good News that I noticed this past week was.....
    • A situation that occurred for me this week where I was able to suspend judgment was....

  4. Segment #5 development (i): Each person takes turns sharing the list of metaphor families that s/he made during the Meeting Preparation activities. It will be helpful to record these on newsprint, producing a complete list that covers everyone's contribution. Then engage in discussion around the following:
    • Observations about how various metaphor families were used at work, in politics, at home, in international conflict, etc.
    • Situations that were observed where using a different metaphor might have produced a different result.
  5. Segment #4 development (ii): Now, each person shares what happened in their Judgment Suspension Day.
    • Observations about how easy or difficult it was to suspend judgment at work, at home, with friends, with strangers, etc.
    • Situations that occurred where suspending judgment resulted in a different type of outcome than would be typical
    • Ways in which suspending judgment is useful and the capacity to do it might be enhanced .

  6. Additional Reflection (optional): Go round the group and have each person respond with:

             “Based on the materials we've gone through for this Segment, I'd like us to spend some more time considering......”

              Choose a focus to which there’s some general agreement and then spend as much time discussing it as is needed. See that everyone has a chance to provide input and be heard. Record points to remember on the flip chart as appropriate.

  7. Logistics and Housekeeping :
  8. Other Business: At this point, if the group has any additional matters that it feels should to be addressed then address them now.

  9. Closing (Check Out): Request a round robin response from each person to these suggested (example) statements:


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