Global Change Seminar "It's Your Move!"

Initial Group Meeting

          Everyone in the Group should by now have an idea about the content of the Seminar and how it's organized.

          Each Group Meeting throughout the Seminar follows essentially the following format:

          For many of the Group Meeting Agenda items, we recommend the use of a Talking Stick. This technique ensures that each person gets to have--and finish--their say without being interrupted. This is especially important if there are introverts in the group.

Group Meeting Agenda
Segment #1 - Introduction and Getting Started

          Unlike all the subsequent meetings, the main focus of this first meeting is on organizing the group, logistics, and planning and kicking off the Seminar. Here is the suggested agenda:

  1. Group Maintenance : Designate someone to facilitate the meeting (keep track of the agenda) and someone else to record on the flip chart salient points that come up. Then:
  1. Individual Check Ins: Make sure everyone has some scratch paper and something with which to write. Then, allow time for each person to write down responses to the following four unfinished statements:
    • What most stands out for me or grabs me from all that I've read about the Seminar is........
    • What most intrigues me about our doing this Seminar together is........
    • Concerns or questions (if any) I have about doing the Seminar are.......
    • What I most hope to get out of having done the Seminar is........
    Next, go round the room and, preferably using the Talking Stick, have each person share her/his individual response to the first unfinished statement while the others listen without comment. Then each person shares his/her response to second statement - again no comment or discussion. Repeat for the remaining two statements. [The value in sharing responses with no group comment in this fashion is that everyone gets heard - rather than having the first topic to come up drive the focus of the discussion.]

  2. Journal Reflection: In Round Robin fashion, give each person the opportunity to share from this Segment's Journal work using the unfinished statements provided below. The recorder notes the responses on newsprint as appropriate, so that the overall group response to the statements can be viewed.
    • The things I wrote that most concern me about the way the world is going today were.....
    • The things I wrote that I found most hopeful about the way the world is going today were.....
    • A "Good News" item that particularly struck me was.....
    • A "Bad News" item that particularly struck me was.....
  3. Additional Reflection (optional): Go once more around the group and have each person respond with:

             “After listening to what everyone has said, I'd like us to spend a bit more time today discussing.....”

    Choose a focus to which there’s some general agreement and then spend as much time discussing it as is needed. See that everyone has a chance to provide input and be heard. Record points to remember on the flip chart as appropriate.

  4. Logistics and Housekeeping :
  5. Other Business: At this point, if the group has any additional matters that it feels should to be addressed then address them now.

  6. Closing (Check Out): Close with a round robin response from each person to something like the following two statements, again with no comments, responses, or discussion:
  7. [When a group hears this kind of feedback on a meeting and how it went, it usually motivate the members toward any necessary modifications in future meetings.]

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