Global Change Seminar
"It's Your Move!"

Privacy Policy

         This Privacy Policy explains how information collected from participants in the Global Change Seminar "It's Your Move!" is protected. It explains what we may do with the information submitted to us. This Seminar is offered through the Trouser Rollers Website, which is a personal and non-commercial entity.

          We use the information that is provided to us by participants who register for the Seminar solely to improve the Seminar content and the group experience. We do not share this information with any outside parties, and we never use the email addresses that we receive during the Seminar except to communicate by email with participants about matters directly relating to their Seminar activities. We may share email addresses among participants, but only for those participants who have agreed to let us do so on the Registration Form. We cannot associate feedback we receive from participants at the end of each Seminar Segment with any particular email address. This feedback is used only in the aggregate to help us improve the Seminar content and experience for participants. Finally, we do not place cookies on the computers browsing our website, the Seminar's website, nor do we permit advertising on either of these websites.

          To prevent unauthorized access to our data, we have put in place appropriate security safeguards to protect the information that is submitted to us by Seminar participants.