Global Change Seminar
"It's Your Move!"

Affinity Checklist

          There are no pre-requisites for participating in this Seminar. Nonetheless, as a precursor to registering for the Seminar you may find it fun to try this "Affinity Checklist. " This quiz focuses on the general subject area covered in the Seminar.  To each of the statements below, pick the one response that best fits for you. At the end of the list of statements, a scoring scheme is suggested.

          [NOTE: This checklist has not been validated. It is solely an attempt to ensure that the Seminar experience is a success for its participants.]

  1. I believe we are heading for a global crisis that will tax humanity's ability to survive.
    (a) Strongly Disagree;   (b)Disagree;   (c) Not sure;   (d) Agree;   (e) Strongly agree.
  2. I think the time for each individual to take steps to address global problems is
    (a) Extremely urgent;   (b) Very urgent;   (c) Somewhat urgent;   (d) Not urgent.
  3. Our current institutions and political processes are able to handle whatever global problems develop.
    (a) Agree;   (b) Not sure;   (c) Disagree
  4. I think that the primary cause of today's global problems is:
    (a) Human actions;   (b) Geological forces;   (c) God's will.
  5. I have several friends who feel the same way as I do about the global situation.
    (a) Agree;   (b) Not sure;   (c) Disagree.
  6. I am interested in anthropology.
    (a) Agree;   (b) Not sure;   (c) Disagree.
  7. I regularly read articles and opinions of people with whom I disagree.
    (a) Often;   (b) Occasionally;   (c) Rarely;   (d) Never.
  8. Of the following, my #1 primary concern is:
    (a) my immediate family;   (b) my economic circumstances;   (c) my religion;   (d) my freedom to do as I choose; (e) the global environment;   (f) human survival.
  9. In the past I have made several friends with people from different cultural backgrounds.
    (a) False;   (b) Somewhat true;    (c) True.
  10. I am interested in expanding my understanding of global problems.
    (a) Disagree;   (b) Not sure;   (c) Agree.
  11. I am open to making some changes in my life in order to impact how things are going in the world.
    (a) Agree;   (b) Not sure;   (d) Disagree.
  12. It is currently a top priority for me to try to make the world a better place for future generations.
    (a) Disagree; (b) Not sure; (c) Agree.
  13. I have previously participated in one or more voluntary (self-starting) small groups that met on a regular basis.
    (a) True;   (b) False.

          Now score your answers according to the point scheme given below:

  1. (a) - 0 points; (b) - 1 point; (c) - 2 points; (d) - 3 points (e) - 4 points.
  2. (a) - 3 points; (b) - 2 points; (c) - 1 points; (d) - 0 points.
  3. (a) - 0 point; (b) - 1 points; (c) - 2 points.
  4. (a) - 3 points; (b) - 2 points; (d) - 1 point.
  5. (a) - 2 points; (b) - 1 point; (d) - 0 points.
  6. (a) - 2 points; (b) - 1 point; (d) - 0 points.
  7. (a) - 3 points; (b) - 2 point; (c) - 1 points; (d) - 0 points.
  8. (a) - 1 point; (b) - 1 point; (c) - 1 points; (d) - 0 points; (e) - 2 points; (f) - 2 points.
  9. (a) - 0 points; (b) - 1 points;  (c) - 2 points.
  10. (a) - 0 points; (b) - 1 point; (c) - 2 points.
  11. (a) - 2 points; (b) - 1 point; (c) - 0 points.
  12. (a) - 0 points; (b) - 1 point; (c) - 2 points.
  13. (a) - 1 points; (b) - 0 points.

          Add up your score for each statement on the checklist. Regardless of your score, we think you'll enjoy the small group learning process.

21 - 30 points:          You are likely be well attuned to both the Seminar process and content.

11 - 20 points:          You will find much new material and gain some profound insights from
                                      participating in the Seminar.

0 - 10 points:            The focus of the Seminar material, as well as the Seminar process, will for
                                     the most part be quite new to you.


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