Global Change Seminar
"It's Your Move!"

Goals and Objectives

         The goals of this Seminar are to widen the perspective of participants about global problems and the human role in them, to help participants establish small groups to learn about and discuss these issues, and to empower and motivate each person to take constructive action in the way that make the most sense to him/her at this point in time so as to exert a beneficial influence on those communities - global, national and/or local - of which they are a part. By doing the Seminar participants will find that they are more living life with intentionality and less letting life just happen to them.

          By joining this Seminar participants complete a sequence of activities that heighten their awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the forces that are affecting them and the world they live in. Based on this learning, participants then devise their own plan of action to leverage their abilities in the most constructive way possible for the benefit of future generations.

          Each participant belongs to a small group of people who support each other during the Seminar process, and which brings group insight to the Seminar topics. The Seminar's Group experience is designed to be enriching and enjoyable for each participant. As with most things, the greater the individual commitment to completing the Seminar the greater will be the benefit to each participant--and to their group.

          Please read the "Frequently Asked Questions" about the Seminar before proceeding to register. To find out whether the Seminar is a good fit for your interests, try the "Affinity Checklist."


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