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What is the Global Change Seminar "It's Your Move"?

         "It's Your Move" is an Internet seminar (a workshop) for small groups. The goal of the Seminar is to widen the perspective of participants about global problems and the human role in them and to empower and motivate them to exert a more intentionally positive influence on those communities, global and/or local, of which they are a part. For more information read the Seminar Introduction.

Who Is Putting On This Seminar?

        Our names are Bill Dillon and Pat Watt. You can learn more about us at our "Trouser Rollers" website. Prior to retirement, Bill made his living as an organizational development consultant and designed and facilitated any number of 2-5 day workshops for a wide variety of groups (public and private corporations, and governmental entities) to help them solve various problems. He also did a fair amount of executive coaching. Pat (who is the webmaster for this project) trained as a scientist, had a 15-year career as a community leader, and held several leadership positions in non-profit and state and local government entities. She has done a great deal of technical writing and has facilitated many group processes in the workplace and community groups.


How Can I Contact Them?

         To contact us send an email with your questions etc. Allow a week for a response in the event we are traveling in areas where we do not have ready Internet access.


Why Are They Doing This?

         In our retirement years, we struggled to find some mechanism whereby we could use our skills and experience to help make the world a better place. We are deeply concerned about the condition of the planet and decided to do something about it. We realized that our life experience has prepared us to coach others in figuring out how they, too, can do their part. We toyed with the idea of putting on a traveling workshop, but that didn't gel because we never stay in one place long enough to connect with any community in a way that could lead to a successful workshop. Then we hit on the idea of creating an Internet Seminar, to reach people electronically. We think this is the highest and best use of our skills, at least for the moment.


What are the Goals of This Seminar ?

         The goals of this Seminar are to widen the perspective of participants about global problems and the human role in them, to help participants establish small groups to study and discuss these issues, and to empower and motivate each person to take constructive action in the way that make the most sense to him/her at this point in time, and to the extent they choose, so as to exert a beneficial influence on those communities - global, national and/or local - of which they are a part. By doing the Seminar participants will find that they are more living life with intentionality and less letting life just happen to them. For more information click here.


Why Should I Bother Participating in This Seminar?

         For your children and your grandchildren. And for yourself. By joining the Seminar you will gain insight and information that will motivate you to take positive action, however you see fit, to make the world a better place. You will become part of an uncoordinated grass-roots global current that is building momentum for significant change in the direction humanity is heading.


What Will I Get From Doing this Seminar?

         You will gain insight as to the state of the planet, and determine what matters most to you. You will learn more about the human role in global changes. You will become clearer as to your sphere of influence and what actions you might take to be a positive force on behalf of all humanity. You will devise a plan of action for yourself and figure out how to keep yourself on track. You will become a part of an unorganized community of like-minded individuals, and you will give and gain support from/to others. You will learn how to leverage your life and skills in a positive direction in the way that makes the most sense to you.


How Will I Know if This Seminar is Right for Me?

           Try the Affinity Checklist (Quiz) to see if the Seminar fits with your interests.


How do I Join the Seminar?

         We strongly suggest that you convene a small group to do the Seminar with you. We ask that each participant complete a registration form before beginning the Seminar. Once your group is ready, simply begin the Seminar by using the Curriculum to guide each person step-by-step through the process.


What Does the Seminar Consist of?

         The Seminar consists of reading assignments, videos, exercises, questionnaires, group meeting preparation (homework) activities, and group work. It is similar to some "distance learning" college courses. We provide a sequence for doing each of the 8 Seminar segments, and ask for a brief feedback response after each one. You should complete each segment of the Seminar before continuing on to the next, in the sequence set forth in the Curriculum outline.

          We recommend that you recruit 3-5 others to do the Seminar with you, so you'll be part of a "Seminar Group" that talks and learns together as the members go through each Seminar segment. If you cannot put together a group and still choose to do the Seminar by yourself (recognizing that the results will be significantly less powerful) you will need to find 1-2 other people to listen to you as you reflect on your learning and help with some of the exercises.

          There are 8 Segments to the Seminar. The first five focus on the current global condition, and offer perspectives on global forces and the human role. The remaining three segments lead participants through a decision and planning process that produces within them the intent to do whatever they think best to contribute to the betterment for future generations. To preview the Curriculum Table of Contents click here.

          There is no proselytizing in the Seminar and where we provide an opinion we label it as such. The information presented is largely drawn from the Seminar bibliography. The learning techniques that are used are drawn from our experience as teachers and trainers, organizational development facilitators, executive coach, and therapist. Through the readings and other activities, Seminar participants discover new insights and come to their own conclusion about the meaning of those insights.

          The real work of each segment is in the the meeting preparation and the guided small group discussions. The preparation work ensures that participants form their own opinions about data they collect on their own in addition to the content presented in the Seminar. The group discussions add the power of collective thought to the insights gained during the meeting preparation activities.


How Much Does It Cost?

         There is no charge for taking the Seminar. You will be asked to secure some supplies including a 3-ring binder in which to organize your Seminar materials, and a notebook of some sort to serve as your Seminar Journal. Each Seminar Group will need a flip chart and markers to record some of their discussion information. When you've completed the Seminar, we would be happy if you made donation on our behalf to the charity or organization of your choice.


How Much Time Does It Take?

          The Seminar is self-guided, and participants do the components at the pace decided on by each Group. There are 8 Segments to the Seminar, and each Segment has several (between 4 and 8) components. Each Segment has readings, exercises, a set of Meeting Preparation activities, and a guided Group Meeting Agenda. We estimate the individual sections of each Segment will take between a ½ hour and 2 hours to finish. We recommend that Groups set a goal of completing a Segment every 1-2 weeks. At this pace, the Seminar will take 2-4 months to complete. There is an intentional flow between the Segments that will be lost if it is interrupted, or too much time elapses between the Segments.


What Equipment Do I Need?

         You will need a computer, regular access to the Internet, and a printer. You can download many of the exercises and reading assignments and save or print them for later reference. However, for some Segment components you will need to be online as you do them. You will also need a few office supplies to organize your materials, to keep the Seminar Journal, and to complete some of the exercises. Each Seminar Group will need a flip chart and markers.


How do I put a Group Together?

         The Group experience is central to the Seminar. Consequently, prior to registering we recommend that you establish a Group. To help you do this, follow the link to some suggestions for Setting Up a Seminar Group. If you are unable to establish a Group, you will have no one to bounce off your insights gained during the homework for each segement.


Does Everybody in my Group Need to Register to do the Seminar?

          Yes. Everyone who joins the Seminar should register first. Also, we ask each person to submit their individual Feedback Form at the end of each Segment so that we get individual perspectives on how well the Seminar is meeting the needs of all participants in a group.


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