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Segment #5 - The Impact of Metaphor

Before you proceed to Segment #6, please complete this feedback form. Your comments will let us know how you're progressing and what we need to do to make the Seminar more useful. We appreciate you not skipping this step.

1. Overall, please rate this Segment of the Seminar:                     

2. Where, if anywhere, did you have difficulty with this Segment of the Seminar?

3. Did you complete all of the activities for this Seminar Segment?       

4. If not, which ones did you skip--and why?

5. Which activity in this Segment was most valuable to you? Why?

6. How many days were there between the Segment #4 Group Meeting and the Segment #5
     Group Meeting?

7. Are you still keeping up with your Journal as recommended?

8. How would you rate the Group Meeting for this Segment?

9. What is your Group ID?  
      and how many were at the Segment #5 Group Meeting?

10. If you have suggestions for improving this Segment of the Seminar, please give them here:



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